Boys in the Basement

The Adventure so far

The Characters were all taken by a press gang from a tavern in their home town. They were put on a ship and sent off to be thrown into a distant battle in a war between their home country and a country on the coast of a neighboring continent.
Unfortunately a terrible storm came up and they were just able to escape their captivity in a small boat which broke apart on the shore. With nothing but the shirts on their backs, they headed inland to avoid being recaptured. Their goal was to find out where they were and try to get home.
A few minor encounters provided a couple javelins and some basic tools. They eventually reached a small village and were able to add a few more items to allow them to travel a little more confortably (water flasks, flint, bedrolls, etc).
While on the road, they witness a large Kobold attack on a group of travellers on a wagon. They join the fray and manage to help turn the tide and kill or chase off the attackers. The leader of the group, a very capable persona named Grogan, who single-handedly killed more than 10 of the kobolds from horseback, has lost his hirelings and recruits the adventurers to continue with him to a place where he is taking the contents of his wagon.
The travel continues but cuts offroad at a hidden trail that begins to wind down to the coast. In the heavily wooded pathway, there is another attack on the party. This time it is assorted humans, including at least one who had been previously working for Grogan and had run away from the earlier kobold battle. The party follows Grogans instructions and tries to outrun the attack with the wagon while Grogan hangs back to deal with the fight. The wagon eventually breaks free from the remaining horses and begins to careen downhill, finally stops in a small clearing by a narrow hidden channel.
Grogan catches up to the party and thanks them for their help. The Characters happen to notice Grogan has the severed tattooed hand of the one turncoat in a small leather pouch. He comments that he needed to teach a lesson to anyone that might cross him.
The party locates a further hidden cave under a small waterfall and set up camp in its relative safety. The next day a large boat comes up the channel from the ocean and Grogan has people transfer the contents of the nearly destroyed wagon on it. He thanks the party, pays them, and leaves on the boat.
The party takes advantage of the location to heal up and send the Ranger out to hunt for some food.
Several injured bandits find the clearing and just as they are about to enter the cave, the ranger launches a javelin from cover which skewers one bandit through the ribcage and he accidentally fires his crossbow into his partners buttox. The party attacks in the chaos and wipes out the bandits.
The party continues to travel to reach the nearest large town of Phadenton.
Oddly enough (yeah right) the party is heading down to the docks to get information on potential ways to book passage back home and walks into the middle of an attempted kidnapping of an arriving merchant. Once again they join the fray and turn the tide, saving the merchants life. After the local law verifies they are not part of the problem, the merchant recruits the party to accompany him for a few weeks as protection while he tries to complete an assortment of business deals locally. This arrangement gives them some free time in town to focus on some upgrades (leveling up a bit) and will leave them enough money to have some options afterwards.

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